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You're just one tap away from becoming the next Beckham

Score! Hero is an original soccer game from the creators of Dream League Soccer and First Touch Soccer. It’s a game where you don’t have to obsess about the details of every pass, but instead just focus on those key moments – game changing plays and spectacular goals. Show the world what your team is made of.

Promising newcomer to soccer star

Score! Hero puts you in the boots of a fresh-faced footballer. You're new to the team, so you have to prove your worth. And your path to glory begins with making successful plays of all kinds: assisting teammates, outstanding defense, and unimaginable goals.

Thus Score! Hero is not based on full games, but in recreating the key plays of each match. For example, your team is 2-1 down after 70 minutes and you are subbed in. This gives you the opportunity to make a key pass to allow your teammate to score an equalizer, and then nab a penalty yourself to secure victory.

Score! Hero is not about winning games, but about meeting the challenge posed to you in each level. In the early stages it will be short plays, two or three touches, but the further you progress the more moves you will need to make to achieve the desired outcome.

Although the protagonist is your character, you'll go over the level - touch by touch - guiding the boot of every player who takes part.


Score! Hero’s game system extremely straightforward. All movements are based on tracing lines on the screen, corresponding to the path you want the ball to take.

If you want to make a long pass, draw a line to the desired receiver, but take it too far and you may kick it out for a corner. Lines don’t have to be straight, if you want to make a goal-kick it is possible to draw a curved path to avoid defenders. All of this planning takes place with the game paused, so you have all the time in the world to think your tactics through.

If you fail a challenge the game will take you to the beginning of that phase, but remove a heart from your stamina bar. You also have the option to rewind to the moment before your mistake, although this does cost in-game currency.

Score! Hero is easy to play, but drawing your line just right requires practice and precision – creating an interesting mix of soccer and puzzle game.

Graphically, Score! Hero looks solid, with smooth player animations. These are paired with great sound effects, music, and commentary to deliver an engrossing match experience.

But what really stands out in Score! Hero is its presentation. The game constantly uses photos and magazine covers to tell the story of your player. Match commentators also narrate your rise to prominence during each phase of your story. This approach is original, and provides a relatable way to track your performance.

For football fans who want to try something different

Score! Hero is a soccer game with a difference. It may seem easy at first glance, and it may lack the complexity of FIFA Ultimate Team, but it is stuffed with engaging challenges and narrative.


  • Original gameplay
  • Constant challenge
  • Customizable character appearance
  • Follow your story with magazine covers, photos, and comments


  • You run out of hearts pretty quickly and have to wait

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Score! Hero


Score! Hero 2.40 for iPhone

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